Spanning 12,000 hectares (120 km2), Mapesu Private Game Reserve is an integral part of the expansive Limpopo Valley Conservancy. It shares a border with the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Mapungubwe National Park, and is nestled within the Greater Mapungubwe Transfrontier Conservation Area (GMTFCA). This vast 5,909 km2 transnational conservation zone unites South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe in a unique ecological partnership.

Mapesu is a biodiversity hotspot, thanks to its diverse habitats. Dominated by the iconic Colophospermum mopane (mopane tree), the reserve is situated on the ancient Archaean Beit Bridge complex. It features a varied landscape of undulating plains, drainage lines, and hills characteristic of the Limpopo Ridge Bushveld in its eastern and southern parts. The reserve boasts numerous water sources, including solar-powered artificial waterholes, a natural dam expanded for hippo habitation, and the seasonal Mapedu River.

This region, once impacted by cattle farming and overgrazing, is undergoing a transformative conservation effort. Our goal is to restore the area’s natural beauty, a commitment to nature that requires time, dedication, and effort.

Mapesu is home to over 49 mammal species, including a thriving population reintroduced as part of our conservation initiatives. Since 2016, we have successfully reintroduced elephants, cheetahs, sables, giraffes, buffalo, and, notably, rhinos. Our collaboration with the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s Cheetah Meta Population Project marks a significant step in our conservation efforts, providing an immersive experience in conservation through our unique cheetah walk activity.

In addition to four of the Big 5 species roaming freely in Mapesu, the remaining species, the lion, can be observed in the adjoining Mapungubwe National Park and World Heritage Site, where we also conduct game drives. Mapesu Private Game Reserve is not just a wildlife sanctuary; it’s a testament to the power of conservation and the beauty of Africa’s natural heritage.

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We take responsibility for rehabilitation of the plants and wildlife that is under our watch!

Mapesu was formed by Shared Universe Ventures Ltd (SUV), in which their goals are to create immediate change so that future generations regardless of where they live, may have the opportunity to experience the same plentiful and diverse planet that we benefit from and enjoy today.

SUV offers a unique option to save the planet by letting anyone get personal involved in conservation by becoming an owner of the reserve. Having investors allows SUV to purchase more land as a way to further the reach of conservation territory and allows anyone from any part of the world to have a home away from home with the chance to reconnect with nature at its heart.

Owning shares entitles shareholders to visit the reserve whenever they like, enjoy its facilities, including its luxury lodge Mopane Bush Lodge, and to get involved in conservation and community projects at their discretion. As an owner one can enjoy the enormous personal satisfaction and ongoing joy from their investment without having to deal with the complexities and costs of personally managing a game reserve. They can be proud to leave a legacy of magnitude and true nature conservation for future generations.

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