Elephant Expedition

Only a few people get the chance to have the ultimate wildlife conservation experience of this magnitude. Come join us during for a FULL week adventure on February 17th through the 24th  for the Elephant Contraception EXPEDITION!  Enroll today!  Price ZAR 75,000 South Africa is considered the top leader in wildlife capture,


South Africa has many products that is synonymous with the country, but one such product is growing in popularity on the international front: biltong. Biltong is dried cured meat and for many outsiders considered the same as what the American call "jerky". It’s not the same! In the world of


How many of you like camping but not all aspects of it? You love being outdoors - love the campfire, animals, fresh air, starry nights and adventures, but miss the modern conveniences like a comfortable bed, your own private bathroom, internet access, and other amenities and all at a affordable


Did you know that you can see a huge geoglyph or formation of a rhino – the “Sky Rhino” on the Mapesu property from an airplane when you fly over the territory?  What are geoglyphs? They are highly creative and artistic designs, lines, and geometrical etchings or motifs that are

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